Birthday Parties

Minimum age is 7.  You will have a choice of making your pizza or cookies!  From rolling and shaping the dough, to adding toppings and decorations to even learning how to marbleize fondant!  Children will have their own chef hat and apron to personalize, and of course enjoy and take home their creations!  Please contact

Did you know?

The quality of the food you eat matters much more than the quantity. Food is information. It contains instructions that affect every biological function of your body. It is information that instructs your minute to minute functions, which control all aspects of your health and disease risks. We have Co evolved with the food in our environment and use it to regulate every single bodily process, including our gene expression, inflammation, oxidative stress, hormonal function, immune function, gut flora balance, detoxification, metabolism and much more. Real, whole, fresh, un-adulterated, un-modified foods must be the starting point of what matters most to your diet.