Honey Brook Farms

Honey Brook Farm is a multi-generational family run farm in Northern Virginia. The passion and joy of their team is to produce top quality, beyond organic products to supply food for our community and they will be supplying The Difference Baker with farm fresh eggs for all our bakery products.


The Owner of Pure Love Macaron is Kim Moehnke, a self-taught macaron baker. Her drive and determination came from an ill-ness that her son suffered. His body quickly responded to a gluten-free, organic diet and helped fight the inflammation his body from asthma. She spent many hours cooking and baking from scratch until one day, she stumbled upon a French Macaron and the rest is history! Kim instantly fell in-love.  Today, she continues baking for her family and shares her love for macarons with all of Northern Virginia and DC, with clients ranging from local weddings to Convene and Merrill Lynch. Her passion is to use the “pure” ingredients all the while knowing that each and every macaron is hand-crafted out of the “love”- love for her son, love of desserts, and love for great food.

Roots to Rise

Roots to Rise is a Northern Virginia based juice company that will be providing The Difference Baker with freshly pressed juices made from organic, locally sourced, all natural ingredients.

Did you know?

The quality of the food you eat matters much more than the quantity. Food is information. It contains instructions that affect every biological function of your body, controlling all aspects of your health and disease risks. We have co-evolved with the food in our environment and use it to regulate every single bodily process, including our gene expression, inflammation, oxidative stress, hormonal function, immune function, gut flora balance, detoxification, metabolism and much more. Real, whole, fresh, un-adulterated, un-modified foods must be the starting point of what matters most to your diet.