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Safe and delicious.
That’s the difference.

Food should bring people together – not set them apart.

The Difference Baker wants to make a difference in the lives of people with food restrictions. Through countless hours of trial and error and a whole lot of prayers, we’ve perfected our recipes to bring hope and joy to those who used to have to miss out on life’s sweetest moments. The Difference Baker wants to make sure everyone is included when it comes to celebrations or even just an everyday treat.


Our Mission & Values

Mission Statement: Bringing heaven on earth to those who suffer from food restrictions, one bite at a time. Blessing Lives one bite at a time… Core Values: *Speak and Provide life: through food and an oasis environment *Inspire smiles: smile at every person you see no matter what *Embrace failure and own it: to grow into a better version of you *Passion for people: We get to serve you, we get to love you, we are the lucky ones. *Be creative, inspire others, and


Certified free from







Tree Nut

We create food made with faith, love and hope.

–Alyssa Sobecki

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Worry-free baked goods everyone can enjoy.

Everything we make, whether you eat it in our bakery in Virginia or 2500 miles away, is made with meticulous safety standards and the purest ingredients. All our products are freshly baked or flash frozen to preserve quality and taste without adding any preservatives. We are making a difference for people with food restrictions have have even more options for specific allergens.

Bakery Favorites

You have to try them to believe them.